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Micro-Modules Use Warm Water for Cooling

By Rich Miler

As modular data center solutions have emerged as a viable deployment model, most vendors have continued to offer 20-foot and 40-foot enclosures, sticking with the ISO-standard sizes used in the early container models from Sun Microsystems and Google.

Elliptical Mobile Systems (EMS) has pursued a different course, specializing in “Micro Modular Data Centers,” smaller enclosures that can house a single rack of IT equipment and a heat exchanger. In early testing, the company’s latest model, the R.A.S.E.R. HD, has shown the ability to cool IT equipment using warm water – a capability that offers major energy efficiency gains.

R.A.S.E.R. HD modular data center unit from Elliptical Mobile Solutions (EMS) is capable of maintaining very low values – 1.03 or better – for power usage effectiveness (PUE), according to recently released test results, the company reported.

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Environmental Leader


Elliptical’s R.A.S.E.R. HD May Achieve PUE of 1.03

The R.A.S.E.R. HD modular data center unit from Elliptical Mobile Solutions (EMS) is capable of maintaining very low values – 1.03 or better – for power usage effectiveness (PUE), according to recently released test results, the company reported.

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Mission Critical Magazine


Gkk Works Alpha White Paper Validating R.A.S.E.R. HD Closed Loop Cooling Methodology

The R.A.S.E.R. HD is a third product in a line of units created by Elliptical Mobile Solutions over the past few years. This unit uses closed loop heat rejection that close couples rejection of heat from the server source using a low flow, low power fan, coil, and exchanger developed and manufactured by a company called Schroff which is part of the Pentair Corporation.

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Data Chain


UK Based Daxten Becomes Value Added Reseller for Mobile Micro-Data Centres from Elliptical Mobile Solutions

Elliptical Mobile Solutions (EMS), the innovative vendor and market leader for micro-modular data centres, today announced it has signed a Sales Representation and Reseller agreement with UK-based Daxten for the European, Middle Eastern, and African (EMEA) markets.

This agreement is mutually significant as EMS expands its international footprint and Daxten expands its portfolio offering of comprehensive data centre infrastructure solutions. With immediate effect, Daxten offers the stand-alone micro-modular data centres of the EMS R.A.S.E.R., R.A.S.E.R. HD and C3-S.P.E.A.R. For the first time the technology allows data centre carriers to plan and extend their infrastructure “on demand” with an even smaller form factor than was previously offered by containerised data centres.

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Phoenix Business Journal


Data Centers See Potential in Federal, Local Government Work

Data center operators are seeing a big potential market for their services in federal and local governments despite spending cutbacks at all levels, including some information warehouse closures.

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Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal


Wave2Wave Solution Corp. Wants Data Center Users to Get Off the Rack

David Wang, president of Wave2Wave Solution Corp., has an ambitious goal. He wants to grow his company from about $10 million in annual revenue to $100 million within five years. A key to that plan is to expand from Wave2Wave’s traditional focus on high-end networking cables and cable organization products to an entirely new product category — portable, modular containers for networking equipment. They are essentially a full data center in a self-contained, weatherproof box that can be placed anywhere from a closet to a parking lot.

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Mission Critical Magazine


Tier 1 Research Finds R.A.S.E.R. HD Fills High Density Needs of Colocation Providers

Tier 1 Research, a leading authority for independent data center research and analysis, recently reported that Elliptical Mobile Solutions’ new R.A.S.E.R. HD provides a unique solution for the multi-tenant data center and military markets.

Tier 1 Research (T1R), a division of The 451 Group, provides unique analysis of the hosting, managed services, third-party datacenter and Internet infrastructure sectors.

The report, written by Jason Schafer, data center senior analyst, and Michael Levy, research associate, said the product has “carved out a specific niche for itself in the modular market that will help it survive the modular battleground.”

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San Jose Mercury Times


Industry Expert Scott Good Sees EMS R.A.S.E.R. HD as “Best New Innovation” for Data Centers

In a recent webinar for Mission Critical Magazine, data center industry expert Scott Good praised Elliptical Mobile Solutions’ new R.A.S.E.R. HD for being the highest density, most energy-efficient, mobile, rack level enclosure on the market today.

“EMS took a lot of things into consideration in terms of density, heat and cooling and came up with a pretty slick solution,” Good said.

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TMC Net Info Tech


EMS Plans to Develop 20 to 80 kW R.A.S.E.R. HD Micro-Modular Data

By Jai C.S., TMC Net Contributor

Elliptical Mobile Solutions (EMS), an enabler of Micro-Modular Data Centers, revealed that it  is building its next generation Micro-Modular Data Center, the R.A.S.E.R. HD, capable of offering IT loads up to 80 kW, as well as a power usage effectiveness level (PUE) of 1.1.

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EDI Case Study Finds R.A.S.E.R. Data Center Saves Money, Space and Time

The professional consulting and design firm recently contracted by eBay to design its Phoenix Mercury Data Center has published a case study, comparing a traditional healthcare data center design to one based on Elliptical Mobile Solutions’ R.A.S.E.R. Micro-Modular Data Centers. EDI Ltd., which specializes in building security, audiovisual systems, data center design and communications network technology also has extensive experience in building healthcare data centers.

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Elliptical Mobile Solutions Joins HP AllianceOne Partner Program

Elliptical Mobile Solutions (EMS) today announced that it is joining the HP AllianceONE partner program as a Select level partner. The AllianceONE program provides hardware and software vendors, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), systems integrators and service providers with the tools and resources they need to more effectively address clients’ needs. Through this program EMS is working with HP to deliver a flexible turnkey solution that allows customers to deploy data center applications in a nontraditional data center infrastructure.

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Tech Week Europe


Micro-Modular Data Centres Roll Into Britain

By Peter Judge

Fully-enclosed racks could roll in to take the place of data centres, says Elliptical Mobile Systems

While modular data centres based on shipping containers are appearing, self-contained rack-sized modules are rolling into the UK – some of them moving under their own power.

The Raser* and Spear*units from Elliptical Mobile Solutions are self-contained modules, each built around a single rack and containing its own cooling and power management, so it can replace the infrastructure of a data centre with a unit that can be parked in any warehouse building.

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EMS, CTI and NETCOM to Launch Micro-Modular Data Centers in Israel

Elliptical Mobile Solutions (EMS) today announced it will launch its Micro-Modular Data Centers™ in Israel together with Channel Partner Computech International (CTI) and communications integrator NETCOM. The companies will jointly showcase EMS’s R.A.S.E.R. at “Data Center 2011”, Israel’s leading information technology conference and exhibition January 20th at the Avenue Conference Center in Airport City, Israel. EMS Co-founder and Chief Technology Evangelist Simon Rohrich will be a guest speaker, discussing the topic of Micro-Modular Data Centers.

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