451 Research Reports “Elliptical Mobile Solutions Zooms in on Micro Modular Data Centers”

John Stanley, Analyst


The 451 Take

Elliptical’s product set is innovative and well differentiated from many existing prefabricated modular data center designs. The modules are suitable for a variety of use cases, but the real question is, ‘In which use cases does Elliptical have a strong competitive advantage?’ In many scenarios, Elliptical will face stiff competition from other prefabricated modular vendors and cost-optimized traditional builds. Elliptical has the potential to succeed, but – just like its competitors – it will have to fight hard. Elliptical faces less competition in certain market segments, where use cases play to its strengths: military/rugged scenarios, small office IT that must be on-site, and use cases like AOL’s. The question then becomes, ‘How common are such use cases?’ Elliptical argues, with some merit, that the AOL case is not uncommon. Many telecom companies with content will have similar needs. In general, using small modules to put tiny chunks of data center capacity in previously uneconomical places could open up entirely new use cases. Overall, the micro-modular data center concept, and Elliptical in particular, are worth keeping an eye on.

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