Case Studies

Small Business

We are a small business that saves small business time and money. Currently, small businesses are using our micro data centers instead of building an IT closet. When they move and expand, they take it with them instead of rebuilding a new one. It also is considered a...

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The Versatile Micro Data Center

Micro Data Centers are not just a self-contained racks with cooling; they are a method to “free” digital resources normally chained to the traditional data center. Micro data centers must be versatile to support the industry-wide demand for information processing...

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Case Studies PDFs

Instant Data Centers has re-published some of our case studies to highlight the adaptability of our products.  We will be doing a post on each of these individually, for now, we are to publishing the gamut. All Case Studies FAA City of Flagstaff AOL IBM Afghanistan...

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NATO/OTAN – Mobile Hardened Infrastructure

NATO/OTAN - Mobile Hardened Infrastructure Intergovernmental Military Agency in need of infrastructure in harsh environments Challenges: NATO needed a data center to support a mobile communications platform. In the past, they had used hardened cases to house their IT....

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Cooperative Bank India – Bank Data Center

Cooperative Bank India - Bank Data Center CKP Cooperative Bank, India needed a cost-effective data center that could move and expand upon rapid growth Challenges: Cooperative Bank, India is a bank with 8  branches. They needed to build a data center, but their office...

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Canadian Federal Agency – Data Center Retrofit

Canadian Federal Agency - Data Center Retrofit Canadian Federal Agency in need of Data Center Retrofit that could be easily relocated in the future. Challenges: This Canadian Federal Agency was planning to move out of its leased building within two years. They had...

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