Instant Data Centers Leadership Team

With the acquisition of EMS, IDC had what it needed to go to market. EMS came with 14 Patents on the Micro-Modular Data Center product line and several trademarks including the term “Micro-Modular Data Center ™”. We acquired all the inventory and most importantly the customers and the CAD files used to manufacture the new inventory. Now with the patents being in our name, we could also adjust our prototypes that we had been working on for almost a year called our Agility Line to have the same airflow techniques and patented shared plenum.
We wanted this new product to be able to use the proven techniques and patented process of air flow with close-coupled cooling, closed- loop cooling and now the new shared plenum.

Gavin Miller

Gavin Miller


Prior to joining Instant Data Centers Gavin was most recently on the leadership team for the technology solutions division of Avnet Inc., a global distributor of electronic components and enterprise class data center technology. His twelve plus year career at Avnet included leading their Canadian operations where he drove strategy and execution, doubling the business in less than four years – all organically. After demonstrating such success, Gavin was asked to relocate to Arizona with the task of building a division that would combine all off-platform storage, networking and security products into a cohesive unit as an engine for growth. At launch, this unit was just under $1B in size and the President jokingly said: “we’re expecting you to double this in less than four years too”. Taking that as a challenge, he drove the organization to unprecedented growth and within two years had the unit to $1.8B before being asked to take on a new role.

Since that time, Gavin also revamped Avnet’s solutions approach with its partners, positioned them as thought leaders in 5 vertical markets, restructured the company’s sales approach, turned around a failing business unit focused on servicing the OEM market, launched Avnet Government Solutions, LLC and consolidated all marketing functions in one unit saving the company millions annually. Oh, and in his spare time he ran corporate strategy for the Americas and ensured alignment throughout all areas of the business. Prior to Avnet, he was in the VAR community and was a member of the executive team that took an Atlantic Canadian company from start-up to over $250M(CND) in 5 years.

In addition to being passionate about growth, he is also passionate about the people he works with and developing them to be ready for the success they will undoubtedly achieve. His life’s motto is to leave everything better than he found it – a lesson taught to him at an early age by his grandfather. We are pleased to have Gavin as part of our executive team and are confident in his ability to drive us to success

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