AOL – 100 Percent Cloud Data Center

American global brand that develops, grows and invests in brands and web sites in need of a rapidly deployable turnkey data center that could operate outdoors

Challenges: AOL needed to address technical challenges and aggressive ways to enhance and bring greater scalability to its products and services. Its primary goal was to develop and deliver a data center environment without the need of a physical building.  The environment needed to require as minimal amount of physical “touch” as possible and allow AOL the ultimate flexibility in terms of how it delivered capacity for its products and services.


Solutions:  Deploying the DX Raser allowed AOL to deliver that capacity, in an outdoor environment with no staffing. The data center can be moved and operate anywhere in the world.

Benefits: Rapid deployment in one month vs. months or years; pre-planned versus reactive support model; modular compute capacity build-out package; pre-racked, vendor integrated deployment model, and 100 % cloud technology facility.

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Download as PDF: AOL Data Center – Hurricane Sandy – Press Release

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