AOL’s Outdoor Micro Data Centers Weather Sandy

By Rich Miller

AOL’s outdoor servers performed flawlessly during SuperStorm Sandy, demonstrating the durability of the company’s new micro-data center, the company said this week.

The storm marked the first serious test of AOL’s new unmanned data centers, which are part of the company’s ambitious plan to reshape its infrastructure. The first unit entered production in July on a concrete slab outside an AOL data center in Dulles, Virginia. Although conditions in Virginia were nowhere near the severity of the storm’s impact further north in New Jersey and New York, Sandy brought heavy wind and tropical storm force winds to the area.

….“The Raser DX performed wonderfully through Hurricane Sandy,” said Scott Killian, Senior Tech Director, Data Center Services at AOL. “We experienced no hardware issues or alerts from our NOC, nor did we find any issues with the unit leaking.”

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