Hot Water? Three Projects Making it Work.

By Rich Miller

….Recent testing found that Elliptical Mobile’s newest enclosure can cool high-density loads using water in a range of 65 degrees all the way up to 85 degrees. The Raser HD is a 42U enclosure designed to handle IT loads from 20 kW to 80 kW.

The testing was conducted at the United Metal Products facility in Tempe, Arizona, with the enclosures placed outdoors on a 100-degree day. The testing used a 23kW load bank to simulate IT loads, and found the unit was able to maintain a server inlet temperature around 85 degrees after the water temperature was raised to 85 degrees.

The cooling system for Raser HD consists of an air loop and a water loop. The fans of the cooling unit draw warm air from the rear section of the cabinet and into an air/water heat exchanger. The air is cooled and then blown into the front area of the cabinet. Inside the air/water heat exchanger, the heat energy of the warm air is transferred to the medium of water. The heat exchanger is connected to an external reciprocal chiller unit, where the water is cooled again.

In this video, Scott Good of gkworks provides an overview of the testing and a closer look at the enclosures in action

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