Challenges: The science fiction enthusiasts’ dream of commercial space travel is a little closer to becoming a reality. However, some challenges remain including the dangers of exposing commuters to radiation as they reach altitudes up to 100 km above the earth. To address this problem, the FAA will need to conduct extensive research to establish safeguards for the emerging industry. Elliptical Mobile Solutions’ partner, Nor-Tech, was selected by the FAA to develop a high-performance computing solution to conduct its studies, with an emphasis on reliability, security, storage capacity and rack density. Nor-tech’s proposal was the only one among the major Tier 1 manufacturers that came close to the FAA’s budgeted price for the solution.

Solutions: Through a two-and-a-half year collaboration with the FAA’s medical doctors, physicists, and engineers, Nor-Tech designed a portable data center using Elliptical Mobile Solutions’ HD Raser.

Benefits: The Micro-Modular Data Center can support up to 80 kW per 42U cabinet offering an unprecedented density in the smallest footprint available, as required by the FAA. The HD Raser also features a robust liquid cooling system so the data center can be completely sealed without the risk of overheating and still meet the FAA’s high compute and storage needs. The FAA now has a highly efficient data center to conduct its research with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Download the PDF Here: FAA Nor-Tech Cluster Case Study

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