AOL’s Outdoor Micro Data Center, Designed by Elliptical Mobile Solutions Withstands Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy rolled into the Eastern Seaboard, Elliptical Mobile Solutions’ Raser DX, purchased by AOL, sat on a concrete slab outside its data center in Dulles, VA, running at full production, impervious to the incredible wind, tumultuous rain, and storm related damage everywhere.

While the conditions in Dulles were nowhere near the severity of the conditions that impacted New Jersey and New York, problems experienced by data centers there could have been mitigated or completely eliminated using Elliptical Mobile Solutions (EMS) Micro-Modular Data Center platform….

“We’ve created a mobile data center that stands up to the stress of the outdoors and delivers high performance at the same time,” said Tony Cole, CEO of EMS. “Our Micro-Modular Data Centers offer the most viable and versatile solution on the market today.”

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