Oil Fields, Rugged TerrainOil Fields, Rugged Terrain

I enjoy seeing articles like this article from Dell (Link Below)  which are more “mainstream” than something from Instant Data Centers.  Dell, EMC, and OSIsoft are all the key players that have earned their way into Technology history.  Now they are seeing some of the vision that Instant Data Centers has been saying for a decade now.  Micro Data Centers have found a significant use in the Edge Data Center Market.

In their example, I’d assume its IP66, NEMA4X Waterproof and Stainless steel construction to protect against a caustic environment.  Instant Data Centers has many of these deployed and working for 5+ years now.  We have some on the three Islands in the Carribean, Ports in Texas, Mines in Indonesia. We build our systems to be turnkey and rugged. See our case studies for more examples.


Edge Data Centers: The Promise and the Peril

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