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IT Guys & Gals are the constant go-to when it comes to almost any problem nowadays. Corporate gears are now bits and bytes. The industrial age has become the Technology age. Okay lets clear this up. IT guys and Facilities guys don’t always see eye to eye. They have two different jobs, yet they are told to work in total synergy sometimes to “just make it work.”

IT needs space plus reliable power and cooling to make their IT gear work. Facilities need time, money and most importantly something more than a general idea of what it is they need to build for IT. IT are not traditional builders, they don’t exactly know what is best either. Now we are in this conundrum of the data center space. This prime, magical space that gets to charge a massive premium because it is a crucial niche that bridges two worlds.

Instant Data Centers. Our name says it all. We give you an Instant Data Center. We make all of the above-mentioned issues into a shipping and receiving event. If you found this article, you’ve won. You now have another tool in your arsenal. You don’t need to worry about transforming existing space with contractors, electricians, plumbers, engineers, permits and so on. We are PLUG & PLAY, Just Add Servers, insert marketing words here. Seriously though, we aren’t magic, but we are patented designs. We direct cold air to where it’s needed, giving you all the tools you use in a traditional data center, all within the same general square footage of a “typical” IT rack.

We are not an IT Rack, if you look at us that way, we are the most expensive rack you have ever seen. If you look at what we actually are, we’re an all-in-one data center. We are the least expensive data center you have ever seen.

We have three models that all you need to do is just add servers. One of them stacks on top of each other. The other two are configured based on how many servers you want in each rack. We have active Fire Suppression. Full DCIM controls to monitor the systems. We are MORE than a typical data center. We can tell you how much power each one of your servers is using, plus we can tell you how much cooling you are using. It’s no longer a guessing game.

I could talk on this for hours, but I’ll stop here for now. The bottom line is that IT guys, talk to us and we will give you what you need to give to your facilities guys to show them the new tool of a micro data center. Facilities guys, talk to us and we will give you all the information you need to show your IT guys how cool you are and have solved an IT problem for them. Transform unused space, wasted space like a mechanical room into your new “edge” data center.

I am super friendly, contact me, and I’ll happily expand. Also, we do at least two webinars a week on topics like these. Sign up and learn more.

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We outfit IT Closets, Telecom Shelters and pretty much anything in a 19” footprint. Our enclosures are outdoor rated, NEMA 4 IP66 as well as NEMA 4x. Being ruggedized as well as closed-loop air flow which seals the internal air from external dust and particulates allows these units to be placed just about anywhere. The edge becomes anywhere you can get power and a flat piece of ground. We customize just about ever enclosure, so questions are an everyday thing. We suggest you contact us sooner than later and we can help you plan.

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