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Have your cake and eat it too.

You gave up your data center and moved everything to the cloud to save money, but now your enterprise is dead in the water whenever the network is down. The lure of massive cost savings of cloud-based applications made you shut down your data center infrastructure, and not you would like to have control of some resources but no longer have a data center in which to place the enterprise data center equipment needed. Forklift a self-contained micro data center into any location

Micro modular data centers (MMDC) are the turnkey solution for SMB and enterprise clients. Small enough to deploy anywhere, sturdy enough to support enterprise-class rack gear independent of facility cooling with built-in physical and encrypted access control.

Would you like to move everything to the cloud but still keep some equipment on-hand for security, backup or latency reasons?

Have your cake and eat it too. Use cloud services for applications that do not require high-speed access. Move applications that required high-speed, low latency communication on-premise.


Instantly Create DR

Disaster Recover / COOP Solution


Instantly Own Turnkey Data

Modular, Mobile, Stackable, Linkable


Instantly Reduce Latency

Land Your Servers Wherever You Want It

The MDC “Micro” size allows a data center to be wholly owned without the hassle that causes you to give everything to the cloud in the first place.

Small size and efficient cooling consume less power, no additional generator provisioning for a self-contained data center.

Spend capital on business asset instead of improving third party infrastructure.

The MMDC is classified as a business machine/appliance amortize digital infrastructure all at once instead of traditional infrastructure capital expenditure over time.

Questions? We Have Answers.

We outfit IT Closets, Telecom Shelters and pretty much anything in a 19” footprint. Our enclosures are outdoor rated, NEMA 4 IP66 as well as NEMA 4x. Being ruggedized as well as closed-loop air flow which seals the internal air from external dust and particulates allows these units to be placed just about anywhere.

The edge becomes anywhere you can get power and a flat piece of ground. We customize just about ever enclosure, so questions are an everyday thing. We suggest you contact us sooner than later and we can help you plan.

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