Edge Box (12u)

12U Dust Proof Rack Enclosure with Cooling

The Shield 12U rack enclosure comes with single or dual heat exchangers. Front and rear door panels open to allow easy access to equipment. The unit includes hardened wheel castors for easy mobility.

The Shield features single or optional dual heat exchangers (as shown) to contain the hot and cold aisles so that cooling is applied directly to equipment.



Key Features

  • NEMA 12 environmental package with NEMA 4 option
  • Welded steel inner frame conforms to industry standard 19” x 32” racks that are fully adjustable for depth
  • Power Options Standard 100 – 240 VAC 50/60 HZ
  • Front and rear door access
  • Closed loop internal ambient, air-to-air heat exchanger provides 1.4 kW (single) or 2.8 kW (dual) of cooling directly to the equipment
  • Low acoustic noise: < 68 dBA @ 3 feet
  • Heat Exchanger automatically adjusts to operate in temperatures ranging from -4 to 167 degrees F

Optional Upgrades

  • Ruggedized platform
  • Active fire suppression with Novec 1230
  • Second side-mounted heat exchanger
  • Aerogel 16R nano-particle insulation
  • Tamperproof CyberLock security system with programmable electronic lock, multi-tier security and audit trail.
  • Patented shock and vibration isolation protects equipment from shock, vibration and motion