EMS Brings Standardization Process to the Data Center Industry

A recent white paper written by Director of Critical Facilities Scott Good of GKK works said Elliptical Mobile Solutions (EMS) is driving data center designs in a manner that is equal to the standardization process that Henry Ford introduced to the car manufacturing industry in the 1920s. Good wrote the white paper after completing secondary alpha testing on EMS’ newest rack-level, container based data center, the Raser HD.

Good noted that the data center industry has always been reactive to the needs of IT. “Designs today are developed to make space readily available ahead of the business need and at a great expense to any one industry.”

With the Raser HD, “developing entire data center solutions can now be packaged into standardized deliverable systems. These systems are coupled together on site and brought online, pre commissioned, and burned in from a software readiness standpoint.”

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