Disastery Recovery || DR

What to do when things go wrong

Instant Data Centers’ mobile enclosures add a new, cost-effective tool that brings flexibility, control, and security to business continuity planning while eliminating high transportation costs.

Micro-Modular Data Center (MMDC) units function as a highly mobile and secure platform for IT disaster recovery applications.

Logistics are key components of business continuity planning. Moving primary and backup equipment and data to and from an affected site is costly and time-consuming. The high cost of timely and secure transportation continues to adversely affect the ability of businesses to protect and secure their equipment and data.

SMB and enterprise can readily move their entire data center or selected critical hardware to a hot site or any other location with power. Once moved, users can immediately resume accessing data either locally or remotely with minimal business disruption. This approach to disaster recovery increases functionality and reliability while reducing time and cost.