Edge Networks

Fog, IoT, Smart Cities, CDN, Mobile Edge, “the edge”

Deploy Micro-Modular Data Center units to support data center processing power to the network “edge” where the consumer is located, reducing latency, cost while increasing the speed of deployment.

The Edge is where servers are moving to support the consumers. Physically getting servers closer to consumers is going to result in faster communications between the user and service. Until recently there was no great answer to building small, affordable data centers. The Micro-Modular Data Center aids this mission in a lot of ways.

The MMDC from Instant Data Centers (IDC) is ruggedized, closed loop, closed coupled data center in a box. The MMDCs from IDC come with onboard cooling, fire suppression, shock and vibration isolation and standard waterproof containment to keep your gear safe. We have standard units in a ¼ rack, ½ rack, and full rack sizes. These units can work together and fully independent.

The Edge includes not just data centers which are a standard term in the IT world.  However, when we say Data Center, we include Telecom Shelters, Machine Rooms, Main Distribution Frame and Independent Distribution Frame and Coms Room.  These are all just a place where we can place expensive IT gear in a safe and logistically important place.

“Micro Data centers, also known by the adorable name “cloudlets,” as a key concept for optimizing the performance and usefulness of mobile and other networked devices via the cloud. Service providers have embraced this vision most strongly from the start, but it won’t be long before enterprise IT pros will likely do the same” -Microsoft Research distinguished scientist Victor Bahl-

“large scale, increasing data volumes and latency “sensitivity” will give rise to micro data centers (<150kW) that will serve as the initial point of interaction with end users” -Chris Cosby founder and CEO of Compass Datacenters-