Emerging Markets

Rethink How You Deliver Solutions

Emerging markets do not use existing paradigms of digital infrastructure. They are leapfrogging established methods in the same way tradition telecom infrastructure was bypassed by the wireless infrastructure in emerging economies. Micro-modular data centers are rack sized “data center building blocks,” that when paired with generators, eliminate the need to build traditional data center footprint while adding the advantage of mobility, standardization, and instant deployment capabilities.


In North America phone booths are were a normal thing, now they are almost a thing of the past.  The latest generations may not know what one even looks like.  In a lot of countries, they never had a phone booth.  In those same countries their economies may have picked up, but now there is no reason to bury the copper wire needed to make a phone booth.


Change the paradigm and think what you could do without wires.  Use our enclosure to come up with the next world-changing technologies.  We make the best Mobile Ruggedized Data Center on a rack level.  Create the solution with a fundamentally different approach.


We are at the age of cell phones, 4g and now 5g.  To make those networks work, we need to have infrastructure somewhere.  Instant Data Centers allows you to put IT Infrastructure wherever you need it.  There is no reason to dig up an entire town to bury some cables to connect.  You can put our small data center close to the edge and use wireless technology to provide users with a better experience.