Event Support

Trade Shows, Races, Rentals, Sneaker Net, Concerts, Video Production

Customers are currently using our units to house IT gear for; trade shows, races, rentals, concerts, video production, sneaker net, compute on demand (campus use).  When you can safely move the gear, the solutions get a lot more fun.

Instantly deploy support for wireless infrastructure, audio/visual and demo equipment at events and tradeshows. Purpose built mobile infrastructure sized for the highest performance equipment on the market.  Saves time: Reduce setup time from days to minutes. Saves money: Eliminates equipment failures caused by dust, dirt and moisture. Custom ATA flight and rotomolded cases available.

A standard feature of all of our units is Shock & Vibration Isolation.  What that means for you is you can rack our enclosures wherever and whenever you want to.  Then ship them however you like to wherever you like.  No need to de-rack your gear.  When you ship multiple packages, the chances of everything getting there on time and in an orderly fashion are not great. Eliminate that potential problem and spend the time where you want to spend the time.  Outdoors in the cold or the heat is not ideal.  Ship it to your warehouse or data center and integrate the solution before it ships out.

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