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Our enclosures are NEMA4, NEMA4x, IP65 & 66 and with a Division 1 Class 2 in design.
State, Local, Education, Federal & Military are all clients of Instant Data Centers.
Instant Data Centers is experienced with all levels of government.
Our MMDCs work great for retrofitting already allocated space without a construction event.

Hardened Mobile Platform

The Ruggedized Spear is built to operate in remote and non-standard locations throughout the world

Questions? We Have Answers.

We outfit IT Closets, Telecom Shelters and pretty much anything in a 19” footprint. Our enclosures are outdoor rated, NEMA 4 IP66 as well as NEMA 4x. Being ruggedized as well as closed-loop air flow which seals the internal air from external dust and particulates allows these units to be placed just about anywhere.

The edge becomes anywhere you can get power and a flat piece of ground. We customize just about ever enclosure, so questions are an everyday thing. We suggest you contact us sooner than later and we can help you plan.

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