Oil, Gas & Construction

Rugged, Dust Proof, Water Proof

Key Features for this Ruggedized Vertical

All of our products are closed loop cooling. Our rack level enclosures are also direct attached air conditioners or heat exchangers. We carry a total of 7 patents around these technologies and the reason that is important is two things. The cold energy exchange is close to the source, so therefore it loses the least amount of energy in transit. The main reason it’s important for Oil, Gas, Mining & Construction is the amount of debris in the air. Closed loop means there is zero outside air introduced into our systems. Once the doors close the air inside is re-circulating. Dust & any other pollutants in the air are stuck on the outside. Your very expensive servers can now move to where your consumers are without worrying about damaging them.

Our Micro Data Centers are NEMA 4 / IP 66. What this means is they have complete protection from dust, oil and other non-corrosive material. Our enclosures also include protection from powerful jets of water. We frequently use the term “hurricane proof” because one of the big measures is horizontal water penetration testing. We also manufacture in stainless steel when needed to which meets the rating of NEMA 4x. Our air conditioners are also setup in matching NEMA rating.

One of our seven patents focuses on shock and vibration isolation. Each one of our enclosures has built-in shock and vibration isolation. The data racks sit independent of the cabinet on this suspension system. With a suspension system built-in, you can fully rack your equipment wherever you want. Then move it wherever you want. Now a data center construction event is now a shipping and receiving event. Simply rack and stack your gear in a location of choice, where your labor rates are most appropriate, then coordinate the delivery to your final destination. Instant Data Centers has partners that can do this for you as well. We have shipped to 38 countries around the globe and counting.

Rugged, mobile, micro data center

  • Suitable for frequent, rough transportation
  • Reconfigurable to suit survey requirements
  • Reliable in a range of hostile environments

Unique value proposition to clients

  • In-field data processing
  • Complex, resource-hungry routines
  • Real-time data integration

Remote, often rugged, locations

  • Hostile climatic environment
  • Continuous relocation
  • Data-intensive activity

Supercomputer In a Mud Puddle

No Outside Air or Water is Introduced, Feel Confident & Move Your Servers to Where You Need Them Most


These are four Instant Data Centers Micro Data Centers 24 ru “Spear” in Stainless Steel Nema 4x with our Mission Critical Venting option.  These four units were shipped to South East Asia to go to work in a gold mine.  The customer uses them to run unmanned mining equipment and for communication as well.  This particular mine has now a total of 10 Spears (24ru) and 1 Raser DX (42ru).

The total units cost of ownership is far less than the alternative.  Previous to the Instant Data Centers solution the customer was using a 40′ container solution and running long distance wiring solutions.  The long distance networking cables are more expensive than an IDC solution.

Questions? We Have Answers.

We outfit IT Closets, Telecom Shelters and pretty much anything in a 19” footprint. Our enclosures are outdoor rated, NEMA 4 IP66 as well as NEMA 4x. Being ruggedized as well as closed-loop air flow which seals the internal air from external dust and particulates allows these units to be placed just about anywhere.

The edge becomes anywhere you can get power and a flat piece of ground. We customize just about ever enclosure, so questions are an everyday thing. We suggest you contact us sooner than later and we can help you plan.

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