Swiss Arm KnifeSwiss Arm Knife

When you think of a Swiss Army Knife, you think of a multi-purpose gadget that will provide you all the tools necessary for daily life, in one, easy to use device.   Whether it’s surviving out in the wilderness, a handy tool around the house or car, or for protection, it provides most of what you would need to get through the day.

Our Micro Data Centers are the Swiss Army Knife of data centers.  With all the tools needed, built in, but instead of blades, screwdrivers, scissors, saw, and more that the Swiss Army Knife provides, our tools comprise of a cooling solution, active fire suppression, environmental monitoring and alerting, and security.

As an alternative to the Swiss Army Knife, you would need a lot of separate tools that would be much more expensive to purchase individually, and would also take a lot more space to keep everything together.

Expanded Swiss Army KnifeExpanded Swiss Army Knife
C-3 SPEAR back skid small png PNGC-3 SPEAR back skid small png PNG

Same goes for our Micro-Data Centers, with everything built into the rack enclosure, you do not need to go through the expensive alternative of having to deal with everything individually (cooling, security, fire suppression, construction, permits, etc)

We are a multi-purpose appliance, just like the Swiss Army Knife.  All you need is floor space or level ground with the right power and ping available, indoors or out.

No need for an expensive cooling solution, no need to overbuild in anticipation of growth, no more wasted cooling on empty space not yet grown into, and with internal shock and vibration in all of our solutions, it is also the data center you can simply take with you if you have to move, cooling, fire suppression, security, everything, with equipment in place, just like a Swiss Army Knife.

Spear Brown Skid Transparent BackgroundSpear Brown Skid Transparent Background

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