White Paper by Gkk Works Reports HD Raser Rack-Level Enclosures Offer up to 40 kW 2N of “Free Cooling” UsingHigh-Temperaturee Water

Scott Good, Director of Critical Facilities, Gkk Works


Close-Coupled Cooling Efficiencies

The 40 kW configuration of the R.A.S.E.R. HD was set into a configuration using a water storage tank that could be used as a constant supply of water blended at varying temperatures for the duration of the tests.


The intent of this testing was to simulate the actual conditions of the data center environment in a lab facility using water temperature from 55 degree F to 85 degree F. The results of these tests are included in this report.


In general it is noted that the opportunity to use these units for the purpose of warmer water heat rejection at varying loads in the unit is substantial to ensuring constant and reliable rejection of heat from the CPU chip or storage array without having to directly couple the water source to the computer components.


See the Testing Happen on Video, in 101 degree heat outdoors:

R.A.S.E.R. HD Alpha Testing from John Trotto on Vimeo.


Download the PDF here:  https://instantdatacenters.com/partnerportal/documents/RASERHD40KwWP.pdf

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